Technology Extension Partners was established to assist with the technology needs of the clients we engage with. In many cases organizations already have a robust technology team and utilize TEP to address a specific development need outside the realm of their normal capabilities. Other oganizations have little or no technology capabilities and contract with us to handle all of their technology requirements to allow them to concentrate on their core business. Regardless of the situation our TEP Team has been successful supplying varying technology needs to Start-Ups, as well as small to medium sized organizations.


Types of Partners

Partnering with TEP Links Your Needs to Our Capabilities!

We have a long history of working with startups in their initial phases of growth and helping them see successful exits. We have worked with startups at various stages of funding and we provide a flexible working model tailored to the immediate needs of the startup.

Extension of an Organizations IT Team:
TEP has worked successfully as an extension of an organizations IT team to extend and add any additional technology capabilities necessary.

Sole Technology Arm of an Organization:
TEP will work with any organization in need of external technology support for the development of software and support needs to allow them to concentrate on their core business. Our link will allow them to remain competitive regarding technology with others in their industry vertical without the cost of adding staff.